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About Us


RAF Associates an identity of group of people is not made by nature, it’s an idea bloomed in an enthusiastic mind Mr. Rifad. After the graduation, in 2015 he opened his own Architectural Practice out of passion; and has since served Hundreds clients in Kerala.

Our clients benefit from his joyful, synergistic interplay, fusing his refined sense of architecture and design with a deep knowledge of engineering technology and aesthetic experience. Specializing in Commercial, Residential and Interior design, RAF expertise ranges from the broad stroke of master planning to the smallest architectural detail. We thrive in the design process and strive for excellence regardless of the project size type or scope.

Innovation is the key part in our industry. With passion ideas come to life. And through the hard work standards and quality increases. By blending passion and hard work we deliver output.

We offer innovative ideas which are both time and cost effective. We are committed to build genuine premium quality urbanized living spaces with the demands, need and taste of next generations.

We are a united force who delivers quality and standard outputs with a great Team and great work. We are proud that we develop a highly skilled and qualified professionals. Our team brings a unique focus framed to the objective, resource and manage each projects to deliver on time.

Architecture Design

The best values of professional Architectural services to clients regardless of the size and value of the project. As design architects we convert the vague ideas of our clients into innovative design concepts.

Exterior Design

We create epic physical, 3D illustration & Animation of the projects to serve our clients idle concept by using fully customizable working system.

Interior Design

The creation of innovative and functional interior space is a part of our architectural practice. We use modern design concepts that add value to your lifestyle. place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity.

Landscape Design

Our work engages the diverse and dynamic forces that impact sites, with the intention of setting landscapes into motion – evolving and adaptable, yet clearly human-made and managed.


Modernize the existing building design & its structure with strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions, without demolishing the whole structure